Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Day The Earth Stood Still

I first saw this movie a long time ago but here I am now, writing this for all of you. Despite the time lapse, I am glad to have devoted one day for watching such a great movie again called THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly. I know that it is a remake of an original movie with the same title. However, despite the similarities of the plot for both movies, there were still differences. 

Here's a link to the 1951 original film:

Here's a link to the 2008 remake:

I didn't watch it just because Keanu Reeves is one of my favorite actors. I chose to watch it because I felt intrigued about it. I have never watched the original movie therefore, I had no idea whatsoever about it. Instead of reading and knowing about the movie before going to the cinema and watching it, I decided to just go for it. Honestly, I felt disappointed not because of the movie but because of the people around me who were watching the movie. As I was silently watching and understanding everything, the group of men in front of us didn't seem to be paying attention to the flick and instead just talking ot each other while eating their snacks which I found rather "UN-amusing". Besides, it is rude for I think that if they don't like the flick then it would be much better for them to just get out and leave the people watching in peace. Aside from that, after watching the movie, I have seen their faces being disappointed and their opinions being so negative.

Honestly, I couldn't care less about such things. Not now, not anymore. Maybe they just didn't get the message or the point of having had the film shown to people. I know that it is a remake but still it did have an impact to me. I know that it is a fact that the earth is dying and it's up to all of us to save it for we are the ones who have made it this way anyway. Imagine...if a messenger like Klaatu along with Gort will come to this planet we call home and bring us such a message what would we do? I can say that change is not an easy thing and that it takes time. However, we have to try that way we can prove that we are humans, the highest forms of beings in this planet. Our complex way of life should be enough to prove it but it is more of what we should be doing to prove that we deserve to exist along with everything else in this planet.

Come to think of it, sometimes I wish I wasn't human at all...I wish I was like Klaatu. Not because he is a being not like human but because he was more aware of everything around him and knows how to act accordingly. He knows the balance of life and how we should live it. If only people know of his knowledge and didn't become this way. I believe that people have changed through time and I am not happy with the changes. Man has become selfish and destructive. They only care for themselves, invent things that should be for the greater good but instead invented things that only benefited a certain person or group of people, they kill the other living things that deserve to co-exist with them, should I say more? I maybe a traitor to my kind but I feel that the earth deserves more than just us. We should change or simply step down from the pedestals we have put ourselves into.

I wish that there will more humans who will care for the earth and everything in it. When the earth dies, we die but if we die, the earth lives...That is so true. May the movie bring an awakening despite it's negative reviews. May humans repent and start a new. There may be religious similarities to the movie as Klaatu can be compared to the wrathful God in the Old Testament who was ready to punish those who needed to be punished and then changed into a forgiving and understanding God in The New Testament. However, we can't really say so. It's up to you how you understand and take it in you...Remember, the truth is out there and as an observer, I wish this planet all the best and promise to do anything and everything that I can for it to sustain life and be able to live longer...
                                                    The remake
                                                  The original version

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