Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm Not A Fan Of Yellow Cab's Strawberry Mojito

We haven't eaten out in a while so we decided to eat at Yellow Cab today. We missed eating pizza there. After ordering a 14" Manhattan Meat Lovers Pizza with extra mushrooms, we decided to try one of their new drinks. The drink was called Strawberry Mojito. One big pitcher costs around 185 pesos which we thought would be worth it since a can of soda costs around 40 pesos and we still need to drink more after that. As we waited for the pizza to arrive, we decided to read some of the magazines that they had there. It was then when I heard my name being called out by one of the staff. I looked at the woman, smiled and raised my hand. I even nearly said present. Kidding aside, she brought to our table a big pitcher filled with our ice cold strawberry mojito. So, this was their new product, I thought to myself. We were both excited to try it so we did. After taking a sip, our facial expressions changed. We both uttered the same comment. "It tastes like strawberry mint toothpaste!" What the heck? We thought maybe it was because we were already hungry and we haven't eaten anything for lunch yet. We let it pass and decided to eat our pizza first before ever drinking anything again. Unfortunately, their tastes clashed with each other. The pizza had a very pungent, earthy flavor while the mojito had a fruity, minty flavor to it. We eventually ended up having a stomachache. I know it was our first time to try the said drink but we just thought that perhaps the drink that we bought tasted more like instant powdered strawberry juice than real ones mixed with some mint substitute. I must say the taste was very poor which was probably the reason why a lot of people from the said establishment decided not to finish theirs as well. Too bad we didn't see the signs earlier. With that being said, it almost ruined our day out but somehow we were able to snap out of it. However, we still haven't changed our minds on the fact that we might never drink strawberry mojito from that place ever again...

 I couldn't find an actual photo of the strawberry mojito being sold at Yellow Cab so I decided to just look for one on the internet. The one that was served to us earlier almost looked like this except a whole lot paler.
Despite the disappointment that the strawberry mojito gave us, our stomachs were still happy in a way because the pizza that we ordered still satisfied us. We will be eating at Yellow Cab again in the future to taste more of their yummy pizzas but I guess we're staying from their mojitos from now on.