Friday, March 25, 2011

Some Negative Thoughts To Ponder On

It doesn't mean that if I write it and post it out here, it's what's actually happening to me at the moment or what I am actually feeling right now. I am merely pondering on some negative things at the moment. Yes, such an act can be depressing but what the heck, I am not going to be swayed by my mere thoughts. I am just writing this and sharing this now because I want to, that's all...

Sometimes I find myself having emotions that I shouldnt feel that may be influenced by so many other things. There are times when I feel indifferent as well. I have been cold but through my icy stares lie a warm personality and a friendly heart that longs for so much. I do not feel like I am worth so much, I do not feel so special. I lack in so many aspects, I am never complete. I hate competition for it doesn't get the good out in me. (It may have at some point in time but not always!) I don't do well with the pressure of keeping up despite my fiery and competitive side... 

What can a person do if something that he/she really wants is so near and yet so far? When all you ever want to do is to forget about what you have now and just go on with something else? Will you be considered a liar when you were just true to your heart? 

If knowledge was considered of high value then why question and ridicule the brilliant and the bright? Is it bad to be different and to know more of this time? Do people deserve such harsh treatments from others who judge because of such? 

The world is a terrible place and life is too short to ever really enjoy it. Well perhaps some can and some won't. That I can and will never know for now for I can never see through or to the future. 

We judge people based on so many things, so many standards. Little do we know that we should be looking upon ouselves first before ever belittling or judging anyone. 

When you are alive, it is a process of trial and error. You get to do things right and wrong. Hopefully, you can make the wrongs right in time and if not then move on. It can be tough to do so but never waste your time on worries and regrets. The past can be a burden to most people but we should always keep ur head up and hope for the best to come. 


  1. Nice posts! I am having those at the moment that why I can't even finish my article. Plus the super headache since yesterday. I am thinking of something really negative right now and I don't know if people around me will accept it. :)

  2. Just write it, bes. Remember that writing can be your outlet for all the negativity that you have within you. You can always put a disclaimer or announcement just like I did in this note, that you merely wrote what you thought and that there is no need for others to react violently. Besides it is your blog after all, your personal property so nobody can tell you what you should and shouldn't write there. :)