Friday, March 4, 2011


We all want salvation in our lives and at some point, redemption as well but how do we know how to get them anyway? While I was on my way home today I saw two women talking on the jeepney that I was riding on. They seemed like normal women except for the fact that they were talking about religious things. I never really mind the people that I come across. I only do when there's something that stands out about them. So there I was minding my own business and looking at the road ahead of us while the two women continued their religious chatter. It was then that I started eavesdropping to what they were talking about. Sure, eavesdropping's a crime. It should be illegal even but what can I do if they were just across me? These two middle aged women seem to be on their way to a church meeting of some sort and they were running late. To pass the time, they first talked about the gospel of the Lord and how it affected their lives. They even said that they are very thankful for all the bountiful blessings being given to them by God. I was happy to hear that they appreciate what has been given to them and that they are contented with it. The sad thing follows suit. Looks like I spoke too soon. As soon as the women were done being all teary eyed with their thankful speeches, they decided to talk about something else and that something else involves the other people that they go to church with. Unfortunately, it went downhill from there. As the two women continued to chatter about the personal lives of other people, they seem to have fallen from grace. I couldn't help but notice how they keep on bashing their fellow church members and their personal lives by saying that God never lived his life that way and that we should all follow the way of the Lord just like they do. Just because they have proclaimed themselves self righteous and free of all sins they think that they are better than everyone else. It irritates me that they think so highly of themselves and so low of others just because of their blind faith. Sure, I am not 100 percent religious and that I am a sinner too but that doesn't mean that they have the right to say anything of those sorts about anyone. Let's just say those people that they are talking about are all innocent not unless proven guilty. Besides, they really have no say in other people's matters since they have personal lives to lead anyway. We do not all follow the cookie cutter way of doing things and sometimes we all fall and fail but that doesn't mean that we can't pick ourselves up and change. Point is, it doesn't matter how religious you are or what your religion may be. Your religion cannot save you. I believe what matters most is to have faith. Faith in God that he exists and that he watches over us, Faith in others - to see that there is still goodness in everyone no matter how bad they have been judged or perceived and lastly to have faith in ourselves for we can't be saved by anything or by anyone. It is not for us to decide or dictate. We may never fully know the extent of that power so all we must do it wait. Wait that someday we shall be a part of those who will be saved but until then, we must do what we have to do. We only have to know what those things are and hope for the best. Going back to the two women who fell from grace, I believe that they do not know what they are actually doing or talking about. I am not even sure that they are not perfect and that nobody is. If salvation is truly for them then why can't we all be saved? That is a question that everyone will ponder about until the end of days. What about you? Do you think you're going to be saved?

                        This is a prayer that I solemnly say to Him...


  1. Very nice one there! It reminds me of my former neighbors. They go to church every Sunday, attend bible studies every week, have quality time with their church friends but when they mingle with people who are non-religious they totally change. There they can say bad words, even talk about the disease of their own church which they should be discussing within them. This only reveals that no matter how religious a person is, is the faith that counts. Well, with the questions if I am going to be saved, I guess I will say I am not. lol!

  2. Hahaha! I know a lot of people who are like this and I also encounter people who are like this everyday and they all annoy me. I may be a sinner but I am not judgmental. At least, I stay true to who and what I really am and not judge others just because I believe I am way better than them. That's just not right. One's religion is definitely not the path to salvation, my dear. :) I don't know if I will be saved too but I guess I will just wait and see.