Friday, March 25, 2011

So, The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb...

After reading the Twilight Saga a long time ago, I came up with this. I don't know if I should call it a poem but it's definitely something. Somehow it's closely related to the said novels but so that, I will not say any spoilers, I decided to just leave the end hanging. Please tell me what you think about it. Thank You!~
I've been wanting to tell you this but I just couldn't
To me you are a forbidden fruit, a known sin
To simply touch you and gaze at you is enough to fill me
It's enough to make my heart melt, melt with you
You don't know how much I've been trying to fight this inside of me
It's a war out there but I was never good in taking sides
Whatever I feel can never be easily swayed, what I want is clear
As long as you remain to haunt me in my dreams
As long as you're all that I see in my head and my heart screams for you
Then, forever you shall be with me
Distance was never a problem that was hard to face
My life is simply yours to take
If you kiss me now, I might forget who I am or who I was
That's the power you have in me, that's how much you mean to me
Days have gone by and yet it seems only yesterday
In this world that we've made, all we have is eternal bliss
Time is simply a mere thing to think about, it was never an obstacle for the two of us
When I long for you, I feel the hunger
Like a part of me is missing and that death might find me at last
If I had one wish, I'd wish to stay here with you forever
But how can I when you have your whole life ahead of you and me just being a part of you right now?
Don't call me selfish because you know I'm not
If I had a choice I would never leave you
I've made up my mind, I'm caught in a web of lies
Like being lost in a maze, I am trapped in this riddle
I found myself being distant despite wanting to be too close for comfort
I want you so much, You don't how badly I mean
The feeling of needing you has engulfed me, It's creeping in
The day I left with the last goodbye, I thought I'd never see you again alive
Well, maybe I thought of things differently and it all happened fast
I thought I was too late when I decided to come back
I was unsure of what I was returning to, the only certain thing is that I really love you
Doubts and uncertainties have clouded my mind, won't you please help me?
Emerging from the unknown, I saw you and wanted to hold you
Could this be a dream or am I completely losing it?
I got out of bed that night and ended up in your doorstep
I lingered at your bedroom window and saw you sleeping there
Our memories flashed in my mind, my heart beating with each sight
I want you still, It's more than that
Don't push me away, Stay with me
Are you still thinking of me? Am I too late?
I want you badly, I'm going out of my head...
You saw me and when our eyes met, it felt like an eternity 
There was complete silence and then, I felt peace
Like being cleansed of everything I keep, Innocence came back to me
Everything else fell into place, everything else faded away
I felt your warmth, I felt your love, I was whole again
Another lifetime of togetherness, I promise to take you with me this time
No more holding back, no more fears...
Sooner or later it will happen, just wait for it
No one will ever tear us apart, nothing can ever unbind our fates
We have each other to hold on to, there's nowhere else I'd rather be
So, this is what it feels to be human, At last, I felt like one again after all this time
But it won't be long when we'll finally belong
We'll never grow old, our love will last for centuries without end
To you this is my vow so take my hand and just be with me...

Some of the books cheesy quotes that made all the ladies swoon and fall for the charms of Edward and Jacob...

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