Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Roller Coaster Weekend

My weekend wasn't exactly how I planned it to be. Most of the things that happened to me were unexpected except for the actual fact that September 11 was actually my younger sister and my father's birthday. With that being said, it was supposed to be a happy weekend but too bad it wasn't. Along with the good news came the bad news. I received news of one of my grandmothers' death last Friday afternoon. She was 88 years old and had died due to complications. She had already gone blind because of her eye condition and through the years, she had become frail and weak. During her last months, she could no longer walk and already found it difficult to eat as well. She had been well loved by most of our family members and I'm sure that my mom's mother, her younger sister, will terribly miss her. The last time that we ever saw her alive was last last weekend but unfortunately this weekend, we already saw her in her coffin. At least, we still got to see her before she left the world of the living. 

Due to the fact that someone had died in our family that only means that we cannot have any kind of grand celebration whatsoever but since it was my sister's birthday, we decided to just eat out together with my other relatives, do a little shopping then afterwards, go our separate ways. We ate out at a restaurant called KKK. They have a newly opened branch at the ground floor of SM Megamall. We have eaten at the same restaurant before but in another location. We ordered so many local dishes with a fancy twist like Sinigang na Lechon, Special Okoy, Binagoonang Pork, Garlic Squid and so on. Although we knew that the dishes were all native dishes, we still thought that the food that they served us were pretty different. The ambiance of the place was good and the staff were very friendly. They all attended to our needs right away. Not to mention that we were given some free Suman Churros with chocolate dip for dessert. Over all even if we did have certain comments about the dishes that we had, everything was appetizing.

While the latecomers continued to eat, my cousin, Rain was getting bored and wanted to go to the arcade. Unfortunately, her parents were still busy taking care of her younger brother, Rian or if not that, eating as well. My husband and I decided to take her instead. We went to Timezone and had some fun playing the games that she chose to play. We all had fun playing kiddie hoops, dance maniax and so on. After an hour, her parents collected her and they departed while we stayed with Mom and Jonee during their shopping. We helped them pick out a new school bag and successfully found one. We also looked for a pair of shoes for both my grandmother and my sister but failed to find designs that they both liked. We then went to the toy store to buy a foam matt that my sister needed for her therapy. After the short shopping trip, we headed back to my other grandmother's wake to see all our other relatives there. To wrap it all up, my weekend has been filled with ups and downs. Sure, we did have fun and enjoy spending time with our loved ones but at the same time, we also felt sad due to the loss of our loved one. That weekend was definitely an emotional rollercoaster for all of us. R.I.P Lola Maxima "Emmang" Sabado Mina. May your soul rest in peace. We Love You and We Will Miss You. You shall be remembered forever.

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