Friday, March 16, 2012

What Is Success To You?

What is the true measure of a man's success?  Is it the money that he owns? The property he ends up claiming as his own? The expensive material things that he owns? Is it the distance that he has traveled? The number of goals he has achieved? Honestly, I do not know either. I can say though that sometimes I am envious of other people's success in their lives. Sometimes I feel bad that I have not traveled so much, I do not have a job that I 100 percent enjoy, I am not rich and I do not earn much. You know those kinds of things. Probably because I am insecure about such things but I know it is not right to envy others and what they have.

I know what I have to do. I know that instead of envying them, I should strive harder to get better at something but then again, it is easier said than done.  I want more than this. I want more than that. Will I ever be sated? Perhaps not but aren’t we all insatiable in a way? I cannot say that I am miserable right now because of the life I live and the very few successes I have had in my living years but then again, there is always that longing feeling inside me that sometimes can be overwhelming. Why am I not as successful as the others? Simple. It was not because of magic or because of purely luck alone. It was because they worked hard for it and they earned it. Sure, some of them probably just got lucky but the percentage of people who do are rather small compared to those who really worked hard to become successful.

The question is still unanswered though. What truly makes someone successful? I guess it depends on a person’s perception in things. If to others, a rich man is already successful, maybe to him, he still isn’t. We all do not have the same concept and understanding of things and certainly not the same idea of success. To me, being successful means being happy with all the things that you have accomplished and to be proud of all those achievements. I am not yet there. That I know of. But I know surely someday it will happen to me. What I do now is crucial because I know it can help me become successful in this future that I have in my head but somehow I feel so many things holding me back. I have doubts, fears, insecurities, problems and most of all, I second guess myself. Will I ever find the success that I long for if I continue being this way?  Perhaps not.

If I am to give a motivational speech right now, I would tell everyone to chase after what they think will make them successful until the end of their days for only when they have actually tried to do so and be able to reach it, will they know and perhaps finally grasp the true meaning of success. I am moving steadily, if not, slowly to it right now but I know that I will get there somehow. Hopefully sooner but haste makes waste. Patience is a virtue that I have and will use. Hopefully when the right time comes, success will come to me.

Perhaps I need to overcome so many challenges first before I reach this so called success...

Perhaps I need to want it more than anyone and have the passion and drive to get it...

This is perhaps the best advice I can give myself and to others as well. Never doubt yourself. You are better than what you think. Perhaps I shouldn't be so hard on myself at times. Maybe that will help me reach success...

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