Tuesday, September 11, 2012


If you have nothing good to say, just shut up and keep it to yourself. For not everybody will be able to understand you. If you do not want to be misunderstood then you better learn your place. It is sad that not everybody knows this. I wish they knew...

Here I go again. I am back from being lost and I have rediscovered my blog once again. It is sad that this is the first post that I have ever done here since forever. Today, I thought I should voice out my current predicament. Yes, I work for a foreign company. I have always worked for one. I have been teaching Koreans English for more than 5 years now. Although sometimes I feel like I am already getting bored with my job, there are still some pretty interesting things that can happen here and there. As of now, I am working for a certain company which I refuse to name. Just sharing my thoughts, opinions and experiences here. That's all. This is the least I can do after my long hiatus. So, today's topic is about foreign bosses...

If you are a foreigner and you talk to me and tell me all the negative things that you think about my country and my countrymen then you will have the audacity to ask me if I am upset then should I tell you I'm pissed? Well, honestly, I wasn't pissed at what he said because some of them were true. I am mostly upset because even if he excluded some Filipinos and some places in the Philippines in the way he said things, I just felt like he was still generalizing everyone. I wanted to ask him many questions. Questions like "If you already have these perceptions about my country and my people then why do you still stay here and do business in the first place?" or something else. However, what he said next threw me off. He said that foreigners have a greater chance of surviving here especially those who have businesses as Filipinos are very easy business competitors. Why? Because Filipinos are quiters. When the going gets tough, Filipinos bail which is why it is easier for foreigners to become richer in the Philippines than in their homelands. I hate the fact that he finds himself all knowing. Maybe this is because nobody has ever stood up against him. He said that Filipinos are cowards and that we are only brave when our opponent is not facing us. As a Filipino, should I be pleased to hear all these? It is sad to hear it from a foreigner, true. The hard part is the taunting in his voice as he said it. Wow! I was speechless. I immediately had to  bail out. I didn't want to hear anymore of his bull crap. Tsk tsk!

Another experience that I had with him last time was when I was asked whether I could speak Japanese. Of course, I didn't say no for I did know how to speak some words and phrases. Knowing that I work for a Korean company and that the Japanese did piss of the Koreans in the past just like they did with the Filipinos, I am fully aware of their history together. I was asked why I liked Japan and I simply said that I like their language and culture. He looked aghast when I said that and he asked me about the history of my country and Japan. It was like I was being condemned for liking Japan. If I lived in WWII, I would have been called "makapili" but we live in the modern age now. The things that Japan did to us might have been unforgivable especially to those who really experienced it and to those families that were affected but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't move on from it. He said the Japanese were crazy and that they were war hungry. He was generalizing once again and that is one of the things that I hate in this world. Not everybody is the same. I wish he would see that. After saying that comment, he even asked if I knew someone from Japan or if I had relatives there. I decided to say no only because I was getting tired of all the hate. Wow! Negativity is truly bad for my health.

I have nothing against foreign people. I adore them and I never discriminate them. I treat them with respect however if they already start showing their true colors then that is the only time that I feel like lashing back. There are so many differences in opinions and in perspectives when it comes to many things. I understand that we are all entitled to our own opinions however, before sharing them, I suggest that we guarantee that your opinions are good ones first before doing so. If they are purely negative and you know that they can only do nothing but hurt others then what is the point of sharing them? I am merely ranting now because I know I cannot voice this out to anyone else and I am getting frustrated. How I wish people would stop spreading ignorance, hate and arrogance. This is a lesson some people are yet to learn it seems.

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