Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do Not Ask Obvious Questions...

Sometimes I do not understand as to why some people even ask questions when the answers to their questions are either pretty obvious or have already been given out. To me, it is okay if this happens once however, if it happens often then that's the time you will see me rolling my eyes. If the person who asked is turning senile or there is something wrong with their memory then this act is forgivable. Otherwise, it isn't. Hello eye rolling, head shaking and face palming!

Yesterday, I was asked why I was eating breakfast instead of teaching my student. I simply said that my student has postponed her class and will not be attending her class until after October 2. Today, I was asked the same thing by the same person. I stopped myself from rolling my eyes as I repeated the same answer that I said yesterday. I wonder if she will be asking me the same question tomorrow.

Another person asked me, Do you drink coffee? Obviously, I used to but not anymore as I am now pregnant. I was asked by the same person the same question as she was trying to make some small talk in the pantry. I understand that she wants to talk to me but there are so many topics under the sun that we can actually talk about. Asking a lame question is just a bad intro to a conversation that you really want to have.

I can give so many examples as I am always a victim to such questions and such people. I do not know why they ask such obvious questions. I don't want to say it is stupid but in the end, it all boils down to that. I remember asking a stupid question to my husband before. Apparently, I forgot that he just had a haircut and that his hair doesn't need combing because of its length. I asked him if he had a comb with him. He was stunned. He looked at me and laughed. I realized my mistake then. I apologized.

Obvious questions happen to everyone. I guess it is excusable for some people but mainly, it is not. I honestly do not want to ask such questions again as having to ask once already made me feel embarrassed of myself. I should have asked something more intellectual. The same goes to if you have nothing good to say then don't say anything at all. If you have no interesting or important questions to ask then just don't do it. Save yourself and the person that you will be asking from all suffering. Be smart. It wouldn't hurt to use your brain sometimes.

Thank goodness that I always can hold my tongue when it comes to these instances. I do not want to use sarcasm to anyone honestly, sometimes I just feel like I am forced to do so. If only more people will become more sensible and rational about things then I wouldn't find the need to control myself. Sadly, some people do not think before the speak so that unfortunately, gets the worst of them.

So True!~
No d'uh?!
Lord, help me!

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