Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If you can do it by yourself, why do you have to ask me?

I work in an office. I understand that when I have agreed to work here, I have have also agreed to the fact that I have responsibilities here. Cleaning is one of them. I knew it was a weekly task but when I got here, I finally realized it was a daily one. At first, I was okay with it. Doing chores was after all something that I am already used to ever since I got married however, the part that I hate the most at the moment is the fact that sometimes people get bossy with it.

This week, I am assigned to clean the toilet in the morning. Another person is in charge of doing so in the afternoon. Despite the fact that I should not be lifting buckets of water to refill the pails inside the toilet, I still do them. I scrubbed the toilet bowl seat last Monday and I have done it today as well. I didn't want to thoroughly clean the toilet as there needs to be a division of chores.

Today as I was having a class, I was sent a message by one of the leaders saying that I should check on the bathroom tiles as there were white stuff on the wall. I knew they were not there earlier as I did clean the place up before my classes started. For all I know, she might have put those there and didn't want to clean them. When I went inside the toilet, I saw that it was merely powdered detergent. All it needed was a little water and light scrubbing. To be honest, she could have done it herself. But no, she had to disturb me from work and boss me around.

What pisses me off is she is always talking initiative at work. She says that we should all have it especially when it comes to chores. She said that whenever she sees things that needs to be done, she does them without having second thoughts but it seems that what happened today is nothing but a contradiction to her earlier claims. Which makes me think if she truly was telling the truth earlier or was she merely trying to impress the bosses as they were there when she said those words? Bravado! Hubris! How I hate people who are like that. But since I still work here, I have no choice but to follow.

For now, I am merely a slave to my master and my master is my job without it, how will be able to earn money to spend on living? This, everyone, is the harsh reality of life. Modern slavery? You decide.
A copy of the message. Yes, I used print screen for it. Got a problem with that?
Who doesn't?


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