Thursday, December 27, 2012

Teaching Bloopers Of Some Of The People That I Know

I just heard someone with a P and F deficiency. Unfortunately, she has a position higher than me. I don't mind her making mistakes as long as they are really difficult ones which almost everyone makes but not really simple ones. For example during her class today with an adult student, she kept on saying the word "SHEFERD" instead of "SHEPHERD". She even changed the story of "THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF". She said that the boy lied about a fox attacking his goats and not a wolf attacking his sheep. Sorry but I couldn't help but facepalm myself, roll my eyes and then, shake my head. Wow! I wonder where she read that story.

Somehow it reminded me of a certain teacher in an old company that I worked for. I don't know her but her class recording became famous in the company - not in a good way but in a bad way. It was a bad call. Why? Here's how. She was teaching a young student and was singing the song "BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP" with the student. Sadly, I don't think she researched the lyrics before the class therefore, she ended up singing the wrong lyrics and confusing the student. Her lyrics were: BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP, HAVE YOU ANYMORE?YES SIR, YES SIR, 3 + 4. 1 FOR MY MASTER AND ONE FOR MY DAME. ONE FOR THE LITTLE BOY WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE...I had the same reaction then. I didn't know whether to laugh or just feel bad for the students.

More mistakes...I heard her say the word, geyser, to one of her young students. She continued to pronounce it this way [gey-ser] when it reality, it should be [gahy-zer]. Are you fine, [name of student]? I think you are feeling something. Duh! Of course, she is feeling something. She isn't numb and she isn't dead yet so she is feeling something. I was often told that I should give out facts and correct information to my students but then again, why can't some people just do the same?Especially those who tell me to do so since they have higher positions than me. Just saying.Growing up, I also had teachers who made some extremely laughable mistakes. I don't know whether they meant them or not but here are some that I still remember. Taj Mahal should be pronounced as it is and not as Thai Mahal but one of my English teachers in high school kept on insisting that it should be like that. Doongkee is the accepted pronunciation for the word donkey if you are British and not someone who is just pretending to be one. Deenoosor for dinosaur is unaccepted as well. Gah! You are Filipinos who follow the American English curriculum. Stop humiliating yourselves! Although I have to say if I had a British accent, I wouldn't shut up too.

Anyway, teachers or not, it just goes to show that we are humans too. We aren't perfect and we will never be. All I am saying is that as teachers we should strive for greatness only because that is the expectation of our students, their parents and everybody out there. I don't want to be a party pooper and say that I am perfect when clearly, I am not. All I am saying is that as teachers, we should try our best for everyone. This is the path that we took in life after all so why do it in a half assed way when clearly we can go all out if we only try harder? Just my two cents.
 After hearing her say that story, this is how I felt. Good grief! Even an elementary school student knows that story well. Shame on you!
 This kind of poor grammar is good for cute LOLcats but it definitely isn't entertaining to hear when your English teacher is the one who said it. I haven't heard anyone who said this mistake at the moment but I am sure, I have heard others before who have made this mistake. Be aware! I might never be a grammarian but I know my basic grammar. The use of is and are should be easy for English teachers like you and me.
I am a teacher because I want to make a mark in this world. Not just because I want to be proud of what I do but because I want to make sure that my students will remember me for what I taught them. This is why I always want to make sure to teach them the right things. If I will be teaching them the wrong things all the time then I don't think I should be remembered in a good way but in a bad one. I probably don't deserve it.

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  1. Love it. But you're right, we are not perfect but we should strive for greatness. :) I can remember our McDo experience.LOL