Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Proud To Be A Picky Eater? I Guess Not!

I have been a picky eater ever since I was a young girl. I honestly don't know why I am this way. Perhaps it is because I was not trained to eat certain foods that I don't like and somehow, I regret it now that I am older. I just feel bad that it is hard to change my old ways. Old habits, die hard. That's what they always say. I am turning 28 this year and I am pregnant. I should eat healthier. I should eat right but somehow it is still hard to do so. Thank God I am motivated to at least try. I never did like eating fruits or vegetables but now, at least I eat some of them. I know what I should do but I won't add this to my resolutions for the New Year. All I am saying is that I should keep on trying. I would like to be a healthy person after all. Hopefully, I will be strong enough to beat this dilemma.

Oddly enough, I have never really boasted to anyone that I am a picky eater. To me, I find it to be shameful. It has left me with so many embarrassing memories. As a kid, it was okay but when you get older, things get uglier. I don't like being judged which is why I often lie about these things or just don't disclose the real deal. I know some people who have admitted to be picky eaters. Honestly, I think they made the wrong choice in doing so. Should I be envious of them for being true to themselves? I guess not. I remember when someone I knew admitted to everyone about her being a picky eater and instead of trying to understand her, the crowd ended up eyeing her differently and yes, judging her despite her plea of not being judged. I know what comes next after an admission so why should I let myself go through with such a terrible thing like that? Think about it.

Since I already am a picky eater, I am somehow afraid that my child will become one too. I am hoping that I will not suffer the same dilemma that I gave my parents, grandparents and everyone else around me when I was a little girl. Surely enough, I know I can't make chicken nuggets everyday or better yet, I can't always yield to my baby's wishes and just give in to what he/she wants to eat. Especially now that I know the value of eating right...

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