Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What The Heck Is This Cut For Beiber (#Cut4Beiber) Trend?

I heard about this trend today and honestly, I don't know why Justin Bieber fans were gullible enough to do it. I don't know who started the trend but honestly, I think it is stupid. Why would you cut yourself because of your devotion for a certain pop star? It is just absurd. It just shows how much people value their lives these days. If it is simple enough to cut yourself, then it is simple enough to end your life as well. Cutting themselves for a cause might not be as serious as those who are depressed or want to commit suicide but then again, I wish these people knew that this kind of behavior isn't normal.

Normally, adults would be alarmed by this. Friends wouldn't tolerate it. Teachers wouldn't let their students do such an awful thing. I know I wouldn't. I know a lot of Justin Bieber fans and sadly, most of them are young people. I honestly don't want them to fall for this trap and I strongly suggest that all adults around them be more vigilant in taking care of their young ones. I did have people that I idolized in the past but I didn't idolize them enough to hurt myself. I don't think Justin Bieber wants his fans to get hurt. I am NOT a Justin Bieber fan but who in their right mind would want something this bad on others? I think only bad people who have bad intentions want this to happen and why should we let it happen? We shouldn't. Everybody knows that. This is definitely a no brainer.

Because I was curious and at the same time, dumbfounded and disgusted by this latest trend, I decided to investigate and know what the fuss is all about. Well, it turns out that pictures of Justin Bieber smoking weed turned out in the media last week and some people have decided to get his attention by cutting themselves with high hopes that by doing so, they will make him stop being addicted to smoking weed. Whether or not these people are real Justin Bieber fans or are posers still remains to be seen. Honestly, it doesn't matter to me who started this trend, what matters most is how it is going to affect other people. When one is obsessed with something, he/she will do everything and anything for it. If a die hard fan found out about this campaign and ended up believing it then he/she would end up cutting himself/herself. Sad but that's how it goes.

This trend is seriously not taking into consideration the seriousness and the dangers of cutting which is common among young people. Inflicting harm on one's self is not cool. Cutting one's self is a sign that one has suicidal thoughts which one might be able to suceed with or not. Suicide is no laughing matter. Because of this trend catching on, it is no wonder that even Miley Cyrus, who is said to be Justin Bieber's pal, is getting in on the act. I agree with what she said that there nothing funny about cutting. The trend might have taken the world by storm but not everybody responded accordingly. Some fans might have did it but others decided to cut other things instead like paper or anything that doesn't involve them getting hurt. Those who don't want anything to do with the trend have either been outraged by it while some idly stood by just watching everything horrific and gruesome scene unfold.

As millions continue to upload pictures of their arms being cut and bleeding on the internet, I guess some people are really that influential on others to the extent that they can influence them to even hurt themselves or take their lives away. Now, I am left asking until when will this trend continue and do they know the repurcussions of their actions? Will Justin Bieber become just another wasted pop star with a mean drug addiction? As a fan, will you ever go through great lengths just to show your devotion for your idol? When is doing something too far? Do young people not value their lives anymore? I am still pondering on these things at the moment and honestly, I am not happy with these unsettling thoughts especially since I will have my own young one soon. I wonder if the world that my child will live in will be something like this. I seriously hope not.

A Twitter post of a fan who apparently loves Justin Bieber too much for comfort. I guess we need to alert her parents about this soon.

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