Friday, May 31, 2013

A Poem For My Lilly: Longing For You

I wrote this poem today as I felt myself missing you again, Lilly. I know I can never turn back time and that I can never go back to being with you. I miss you so much. My heart continues to ache for you. This goes out to you. I love you, Anak...

There's this aching feeling that won't go away,
A feeling of longing and loneliness that is always at bay,
Why am I feeling this pain and why do things have to be this way?
I wish you stayed,
That is what we wanted, 
That is what we prayed.
I long to hold you, 
I long to kiss you,
Can't I just be with you?
I was happy when you were here,
I was proud that you were here,
I only wish that you were near.
I prayed for your recovery,
I thought God would never take you away.
I wished for him to grant my wishes and to let my prayers come true.
I waited and waited with hope,
I held on tightly and closed my eyes,
I believed he would never let you go,
But God had other plans for you,
God took you away from me,
You are now an angel with wings and a halo to match.
I cry when I miss you,
I cry when I wish that you are here,
I can never bring you back, 
No one can and no one will.
Is this a part of God's plans for me?
Is this truly what he wants?
I question him each day,
But nothing can change what was done,
Nothing can bring back what was gone.
I will miss you forever and think of your each day,
Don't worry; my dear daughter, I will remember you every day,
For my love is greater than anything,
Not even death can keep us away.
I love you,
I know you love me too.
Never forget me,
For I will never forget you.
Forever you will be a part of me,
A part of my heart left with you,
I wish you didn't leave me,
Forever you will be a missing part of me.
Thank you for everything,
I am sorry for many things,
I will continue to ache for you,
I will continue to love you,
Thank you for loving me too...

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  1. How great! I feel you dear. I know she's watching you. She may be physically absent but never left you. Tight hugs...